Bite the Bag: The World’s Worst Drinking Game [Photo Update]

I just found out about what sounds like the worst drinking game ever.  (And I love playing games!)  This one is called Bite the Bag.  The description says:

You can think of this game as the grown-up, less-demanding version of the limbo.  Put an empty paper bag open on the floor.  Without letting anything except your feet touch the floor, everyone takes a turn to bend down and bite the bag.  After each person has bitten the bag, one inch is cut off the top.  As the bag gets lower, it gets harder to bring your face to the same level!  If you can’t bite the bag, you have to drink a beer…and then it is time to start over again!

Steve Kamb, from Nerd Fitness, teaching Polish Horseshoes.

Steve Kamb, from Nerd Fitness, teaching Polish Horseshoes.

My favorite drinking game is Polish Horseshoes, introduced to me by the one and only Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness.  You take two ski poles, stick them in the ground and use a frisbee to knock beer cans off the the tops of the ski poles.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.52.56 AM

Have you played Bite the Bag?  Or Polish Horseshoes?  What is your favorite drinking game to play?

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