You are Gorge-ous! Part Two: Full Sail Brewing

ai4sk3peThe second stop on tour of the Pacific Northwest Gorge is, Full Sail Brewing.  Last week, we spent sometime at Double Mountain, but now we’ve got to check out Full Sail.  This brewery is hands down my favorite brewery to bring guests to for a great brewery tour.  While I still believe Sam Adams in Boston does the best beer tour, Full Sail does the best Oregon brewery tour.

If you’ve never been on a brew tour seriously consider taking the drive to Full Sail and checking it out.

What to Drink: Session Lager – True I’m an East Coast girl at heart and can’t say no to a good lager. The Original Session, with the bright red label, is a classic all-malt pre-Prohibition style lager that reminds us of what American lagers used to taste like. It’s flavorful, refreshing, and has a touch of that import-style taste.  Oh, and it comes in a stubby, 11-oz bottle like your grandpa used to buy. So after your next session (ski session for me), crack open a Session and drink to the good old new days.

What to Eat: Fish Sandwich – Session Lager battered wild Alaskan salmon topped with shredded romaine, cucumber, and tartar sauce.  Seriously, fresh fish and beer.  YUMMY! (See I really am an East Coast girl at heart – hold the lobstah!)

Fun Tidbit: They take care of their precious Mt. Hood water by implementing practices that reduce water consumption by 3.1 million gallons each year.  While the average brewery consumes 6 to 8 gallons of water per gallon of beer produced, Full Sail has reduced their consumption to less than 3 gallons.

Been to Full Sail Brewing?  What did you think?  What was your favorite drink?

Also, last week I completed the Breweries of the Gorge passport.  Check out my sweet new pint glass!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.43.20 AM

Have you checked out the Breweries of the Gorge passport?

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