2018 World Cup Beers

Apparently this is the 2018 World Cup collectors mug.

No matter who you are rooting for this year for the 2018 World Cup just make sure you are enjoying cheering on your favorite team with a great beer.  While I’m bummed USA isn’t in this year’s World Cup, I am enjoying the opportunity to learn more about some international beers.  Here is what I’m suggesting for the 2018 World Cup:

ARGENTINA – Check out Cerveceria Artesanal El Bolson

AUSTRALIA – Check out Bacchus Brewing Company.  An award winning micro-brewery making some of the most interesting & flavourful beers in the Country. You can enjoy their beers at the brewery.
BELGIUM – Check out De Struise Brouwers.  In 2008, a group of men from Vleteren were voted the world’s best brewers. Visitors can hop on by and taste their beer in an old school building located in the village of Oostvleteren. Come and check out their 30 beers on draught. Going back to school has never been more fun!
BRAZIL – Check out Cervejaria Way Beer.
COLOMBIA – Check out 3 Cordilleras.
COSTA RICA – Check out La Selva Cerveza Artesanal.
CROATIA – Check out The Garden Brewery.
DENMARK – Check out Det Lille Bryggeri.
EGYPT –  I wasn’t able to find a craft brewery in Egypt.  Does anyone know of any?
ENGLAND – Check out The Craft Beer Co.
FRANCE – Check out Mont Saleve.
GERMANY – Check out ‘s Handwerk.  I just love the name.
ICELAND – Check out Einstok Beer.  I found out about this brewery a few years ago and I’ve been obsessed with going to Iceland and trying it (and seeing the Northern Lights).  They even have a special beer out for the World Cup #adopticeland.
IR IRAN – I wasn’t able to find a craft brewery in Iran.  Does anyone know of any?
JAPAN – I’m going to Japan in a month!  Any suggestions for breweries to check out?!
KOREA REPUBLIC – Check out Akitu Brewing.   Since 2014, Advanced created distinctive Craft Beer inspired by traditional brewing methods and new techniques.  As one of the famous original craft brewers, they are always pushing the boundaries with new styles, ingredients and flavors.
MEXICO – Check out Cerveceria Insurgent.
MOROCCO – I wasn’t able to find a craft brewery in Morocco.  Does anyone know of any?
NIGERIA – I wasn’t able to find a craft brewery in Nigeria.  Does anyone know of any?
PANAMA – Check out Casa Bruja.
PERU – Check out Sacred Valley Brewing.  I hiked Manchu Pichu last year and fell in love with their beer.  I’m not a huge fan of IPAs but their Lions Tear IPA after hiking for three days was amazing!
POLAND – Check out Pracownia Piwa.  On the edge of Kaków, in the small town called Modlniczka there is a brewery. Pracownia Piwa brewery. It started long time ago – in their dreams. It had to be steppingstone from their everyday life. They wanted their hobby to become their job. And… their dreams became reality. On 20th of September 2012, when three friends became partners. Now, the brewery is huge part of their lives and Pracownia Piwa is their pride and motivation to work hard.
PORTUGAL – Check out Dois Corvos Cervejeira.  Susana Cascais and Scott Steffens founded the company in late 2013 during the dark days of the Portuguese economic recession back when beer variety in Lisbon was non-existent. In 2014 brewing equipment was acquired and the brewery space was built out in Marvila, at that time a long-neglected industrial neighborhood. In 2015 the first beers were brewed and launched to the market and by the end of 2015 the Tap Room was opened, the first of its kind in Portugal.
RUSSIA – Check out Salden’s Brewery.
SAUDI ARABIA – I wasn’t able to find a craft brewery in Saudi Arabia.  Does anyone know of any?
SENEGAL – I wasn’t able to find a craft brewery in Senegal.  Does anyone know of any?
SERBIA – Check out Kabinet Brewery.
SPAIN – Check out Cervesa Guineu.  Since their inception, they understand craft beer as a product conceived with passion, rooting to our origins and with a goal, that each type of beer contributes with different nuances, but with a common thread: Emotional Recipes.
SWEDEN – Check out Malmo Brewing.  Starting in 2010 Malmo seen the local craft beer community grow from a few enthusiasts to a vibrant local beer scene with an increasing number of local breweries more bars and restaurants serving craft beer. Everyone adding their personality and ideas to make it an even bigger and better community.
SWITZERLAND – Check out 523.
TUNISIA – I wasn’t able to find a craft brewery in Tunisia.  Does anyone know of any?
URUGUAY – Check out Cerveceria Artesansal del Uruguay.

Who are you rooting for this 2018 World Cup?  I’m rooting for Germany since I’m living with a German now.  I’ve also got my eye on Denmark since some of my co-workers are from there as well as Peru and Costa Rica since some Portland Timbers players are representing!  What are you drinking this World Cup?
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