Goodlife Brewing – Bend, Oregon (Part Two)

good life logoAfter Boneyard and Crux Fermentation Project, we headed to Goodlife Brewing for lunch.  On top of beers, we filled our bellies with nachos, brie and wings.  You really do build up an appetite biking around Bend!  I like the logo, it’s an upside down hop that looks like a mountain peak, but I’m curious who the three hikers are climbing the peak.  Does anyone know?

About Goodlife Brewing:

With an Oregon-built 30 barrel, 4-vessel brew system, Goodlife Brewing creates fresh craft ales. Their system is custom designed to produce quality beer. Contemplate the balance it takes to gracefully zip down a tight tree run on Mt. Bachelor. This is the image they perceive when they balance a malt and hop profile, a natural requirement for everything they brew. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings, the stimulating culture, and fantastic lifestyle that is true to Central Oregon, they know what it is like to live the GoodLife.  Here is what we tried:

Crew at GoodLife Brewing

Crew at GoodLife BrewingHere is what we tried:

  • Puffy Coat Porter –  This is GoodLife’s first porter.  Definitely a solid beer and worth checking out.
  • 29’er Indian Brown Ale – Named after 29″ bike wheels, instead of the usual 26″, this beer is as big as the bike for which it is named after.  It’s a more aggressive Brown Ale, with hoppy roasted nosed to balance a nutty, strong malt body and finished smooth with chocolate and coffee undertones.
  • Scottish Heart – Definitely my favorite from GoodLife.  This caramelized, malty Scotch Ale is brewed in honor of St. Andrew.  Slainte Mhath!  (Cheers or Good Health in Scottish Gaelic – pronounced “Slanchay Va”!)
  • Jack O Lantern  – I’m not going to lie.  I love pumpkin beers, but found this one very lacking.  I hope next time I’m back in Bend and this beer is on tap, I’ll be able to taste the pumpkin as well as the pumpkin spice.  But for now, it’s better to just order another beer.
  • Pass Stout – This American stout is a smooth bodied ale with hits of roasted malt and chocolate combined with coffee and other cocoa characteristics.
  • Descender IPA – Jeffrey had this.  I’ve had it before in a can, definitely way better than their Sweet As Pacific Ale in a can.

Have you ever been to Bend, Oregon? Or Goodlife Brewing? What did you think? What is your favorite beer? 

[Just a heads up, I received a gift card from the team at Goodlife Brewing.]

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