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Sorry guys, this blog post has nothing to do with beer, but it’s still totally worth the read.  I talk a lot about my froommates on this blog and one of them needs our help.  Crystaly, my roommate, has an amazing heart for those in need and owns a non-profit teaching low income kids how to code websites as a way to break out of the poverty cycle called {Log} Camp.  How badass is that?!  Yesterday, I got an email from her business partner, Bobby.  These two work out of my kitchen, how could I not try to help them out?  Kids, from the most depressed parts of Portland won’t get summer school this summer if we can’t come up with some computers for them to study on.  Below is an email asking for help.  

yesterday the log camp staff received some truly alarming news.

now 16 scott school youth may not be able to participate in log camp this summer.

At 10:00 AM yesterday morning Crystal and I were on our final walk through with Hector, the SUN Community Schools Site Director of Scott K-8 School. While walking with Hector we discovered all 25 computers from the computer lab at this Portland Public School had been unexpectedly removed.

Hector informed us that the Scott School technology teacher had also been let go two years ago due to budget cuts, and the lab had been left unused. If sixteen computers are not provided by Monday, June 23, Scott School students already enrolled in Log Camp’s summer program will be unable to participate.

Log Camp has three teachers, and six learning assistants who are trained, and ready to deliver programs at Scott school. Today we are asking you to make a one-time tax-deductible in-kind donation of a Samsung Google Chromebook. You can also donate any new or slightly used laptops you or your company might have on hand.

Your donation today will help Log Camp create a mobile computer lab ensuring that youth enrolled in Log Camp’s summer programs like the one at Scott School will never face a crisis like this again. Since May 2013, Log Camp, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit has taught 100 youth, providing more the 160 hours of programming education to 4th – 7th grade students living in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Log Camp has financial support from the United Way and the Black United Fund. This summer Log Camp is expanding our technical programs to 5 high needs middle schools across Portland.

Donate a modern laptop or a Samsung Google Chromebook today, and you will receive a handwritten thank you note from the youth you have helped. Enclosed will be a photo, and a link to the student’s website, built on the computer you have donated. You will also receive public recognition of your donation on the Log Camp website, and social media channels. A tax-deductible receipt for your in-kind donation will be provided.

Today’s unexpected events highlight the importance of supporting this emergency request to help Log Camp build a mobile computer lab. Assembling this lab will ensure Log Camp’s ability to avoid future crises while continuing to deliver our after-school enrichment programs. Help us save the #Bridges camp at Scott Elementary. Donate now to #SaveScott.

Donation Options

  • Option 1: Purchase a Samsung Google Chromebook online, and ship to: Log Camp Vocational Schools c/o Robert Raleigh 909 SW 12th #502 Portland OR 97205
  • Option 2: Donate a new or slightly used laptop with a Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. You can also donate any Apple OSX laptop purchased in 2011 or later.
  • Option 3: Purchase an Amazon or Best Buy digital gift card, and email the details to Robert Raleigh, at, or Crystal Wiese, at

thank you for your help

  • Robert Raleigh,
  • President
  • Mobile: (503) 502-6125
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @RobertGRaleigh, @LogCamp
  • Web:
  • {LOG} CAMP: Bridging Oregon’s technology education divide


If you can help Crystal and Bobby out that would be huge!  I would buy you a beer, or pending location send you all my blessings and praises.  Thank you so much!

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  1. nancyforstrom says:

    I can help but I missed the deadline. Still in need? Let me know how to do from afar.

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