You are Gorge-ous! Part Three: Thunder Island Brewing

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Hanging out on the deck at Thunder Island Brewing.

The third stop on tour of the Pacific Northwest Gorge is, Thunder Island Brewing.  We spent sometime at Full Sail, but now we’ve got to check out Thunder Island.  If you are driving from Portland, to go explore the Gorge and you don’t want to drive ALL the way to Hood River to grab a beer.  You are in luck, just stop in the tiny town of Cascade Locks, watch the boats come in and grab a beer at Thunder Island Brewing.  If it is sunny out, sit outside with your pooch and friends over beers.  If it’s pouring, leave the dogs in the car and warm up inside in their funky little brewery / pub.

What to Drink:  Hands down the “Journey through Time and Space” Belgium ale.  First time I went there, we got a sampler, my friend and I both ended up ordering pints of this beer afterwards.  I continue to only order it, until winter comes and the beer is no longer available.  I’m hoping with time, Brian, the Head Brewer, will make this part of his year round offering.  It’s that amazing!

What to Eat:  Smoked Salmon Dip.  This house made smoked fish dip has locally caught fish from the Brigham Fish Market.  Comes with house pickled red onions, cucumbers and pita bread.  Basically a bagel with lox, only less carbs and no capers or tomatoes.  Definitely large enough to share with friends.

Fun Tidbit:  Cascade Locks is the only town that the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) goes through.  In the summer time there are always hikers coming through to grab a beer. You can buy a pint for a hiker if you want or save $1 on your own pint if you come to the brewery by any other transportation other than car (canoe, bike, or walking).

Been to Thunder Island Brewing?  What did you think?  What was your favorite drink?

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