BridgePort Brewing Company – Portland, OR

There are a bunch of reasons why I love BridgePort Brewing Co.

  1. I can walk there from my house.
  2. It’s smells like a brewery.
  3. They name their pizza’s after the Portland Bridges.
  4. It’s all day Happy Hour on beer on Monday’s.
  5. BridgePort is passionate about sustainability.


When you walk into BridgePort Brewpub and Bakery is looks like a cross between and an old PDX building and a super modern metalic one.  In fact, the original building was built in 1888 as the Portland Cordage Company, which specialized in making rope for ships.  (Thus the name Ropewalk Amber Ale).  In 2005, the building was remodeled with recycled materials for BridgePort.  On top of the remodel, BridgePort has a compost program that has cut their landfill waste in half.  The only items not composted are straws and aluminum foil from the butter pads.  Spent oil from the kitchen is used to create biodiesel and spent grain is given to local farms for livestock feed.

Energy Saving:

BridgePort is a featured Energy Trust of Oregon project that has been implemented in hopes of reducing yearly power consumption by 20 percent.

Local & Organic:

BridgePort is an Oregon Tilth certified organic beer.  The Blue Heron Pale Ale, features barley and wheat grown in Eastern Washington and Oregon, malts from Vancouver, British Columbia.  All glass bottles used for distribution are purchased from Owens glass.


BridgePort support local arts and community organizations, my personal favorite is “Cases for the Cure”, a partnership with Komen Race for the Cure.  Throughout October, one dollar of each case sold is donated to support breast cancer research.

Jenna’s Tips:

  • Grab beer on Monday’s – It’s always Happy Hour!
  • Try the Blue Heron Pale Ale – Originally created in 1987 as a special release for the Audubon Society (and named after Portland’s official city bird).  Definitely delicious!

Have you been to BridgePort?  What’s your favorite beer there?

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  1. They also only have one dumpster that is emptied once every 2 weeks.


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