Fish Brewery Co. – Olympia, WA

Fish Tale Brewery

Jenna and Dainty at Fish Tale Brewery

I’m kind of a brewery fanatic.  I tend to choose where I’m going to eat based on new breweries I’ve never been too.  I live in the micro brewery capital of the world.  Who can blame me?  I also have a pretty “epic” logo pint glass collection from my travels, last Thanksgiving week was no except.  My dad was visiting from China (I have him to thank for getting me into breweries) and Kirk (my younger brother) was playing basketball in Washington.

For lunch we stopped at Fish Brewing Co. in Olympia, WA.  They have an entire organic beer series, called Fish Tale Organic Ales.  I was pretty bummed when I found out they are out of logo pint glasses…

Fast forward to dinner, we decided to check out the Green Dragon, a local brewpub owned by Rogue that Dad had heard about from some friend in China.  And guess what?  They were also out of pint glasses!  I was so bummed and told our waiter about what had happened at Fish Brewing.  She disappeared and came back with a Fish Brewing pint glass for me!  Turns out Green Dragon sells Fish Beer there and had some promo pint glasses.  She seriously made my day!

When was your last great experience with customer service?

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Hi! I’m Jenna, but I got the nickname BiteSize in high school. I love homebrewing beer, thus BiteSize Brews. A blog focused on homebrewing, local brewery reviews and recipes. I’m lucky enough to live in the microbrewery capital of the world. I’m also a big fan of social media (chances are I’ll sprinkle a bit of it into this blog).


  1. Idk when my last time with exceptional customer service was — it’s sad, but it doesn’t happen often in NYC.

    How does a brewery run out of pint glasses? That’s like a vineyard who offers wine tasting running out of wine glasses.

    Also, to your first sentence — “I’m kind of a brewery fanatic.” — really? Never would have though someone with a site dedicated to beer was a brewery fanatic.

    • Well, they didn’t run out of pint glasses for drinking. They ran out of logo pint glasses, which I collect. As you probably remember from college. I have a couple of wine glasses too. I need to try out more wineries… Should get a nice 12 wineries set…


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