Hazy Grapefruit Mosaic IPA – Public Coast

One of the best perks of being a beer blogger is the amount of beer that gets dropped off at your doorstep. Even when you aren’t home and don’t get a pitch email about it. Thankfully, Charlotte was home to try some amazing new beer from Public Coast – the Hazy Grapefruit Mosaic IPA.

This American style IPA​, boasts a 5.8% ABV with three kinds of hops and 160 pounds of grapefruit puree give this Hazy IPA a full body mouthfeel with a refreshing kick of citrus. Hazy Grapefruit Mosaic IPA is the first release in Public Coast‘s SLACK TIDE IPA SERIES. They are brewing every style of IPA – West Coast, Sessionable, Hazy, and Imperial. Some straight forward and others are a bit twisted. Sit back and enjoy the evolution.

Charlotte was able to try the beer while heading outdoors and shared: the beer tastes refreshing and like summertime! I want to sit out in the sun at the coast or hang out in the forest by a fire and drink this beer. Two thumbs up!

Practicing social distancing: Public Coast offers Beer to Go! Kind of like Car2Go, but for beer. Bring your growler or purchase one of theirs. They’ll fill it with any of their beers on tap. Then go off and explore, have a picnic, do whatever you love to do over ice-cold beer; bring back the empty; repeat. They also have crowlers of any beer on tap and 4 & 6-packs of an assortment of their hand-crafted beers. And don’t forget about their 4-packs of Stephen’s Root Beer.

Huge thanks to the team at Public Coast for another great beer. Can’t wait to get back to the coast – rain or shine – and have another pint. Looking forward to the next SLACK TIDE IPA SERIES offering. Cheers!

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