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Hi! I’m a pint-size, 30-something year old, living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I’ve been home brewing beer since before I was legal. I have a thing for nerdy scientists, community engaged breweries and beers and food that make people become foodies. I get beer and want to help your brewery tell its story and grow its fan base.

I live and breathe social media and I love telling stories and creating a digital strategy to grow an active fan base.  You just need to bring the beer.

“Jenna’s taken the time to build relationships with many of the bloggers in the community at large. I wouldn’t think twice about linking to them directly if it fit in the context of the post.”

SEO Strategy & Implementation

Want to bubble up to the top?  I’ve got your tags, h1, alt and url structure labels down.

Local Search Optimization

Labels aren’t the only place you can be found. Beer buddies like: Google, Bing, Infogroup, and Yelp can help you be found right where you want to be. Breweries, sales docks, you name it, we can pin it, place it and get you found.

Website Clean up

Sanitation is the key to great beer (and great websites). I can help you clean up your website, focus your brewery’s story and filter your content for the best presentation. Whether your website needs a little bit of work (or a complete overhaul). I can make it happen.

Age Verification Landing Pages

Need to prove your fans are of legal drinking age? I’ve got a landing page just for you to make sure you’re compliant. Now, let’s see some ID.

Social Build Out

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Untappd, Taplister – you name it. If it’s social, I’ll cover it. I can build out your profiles, engage fans and grow your consumer base all while creating a strategy that ties it all together.

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