Cascade Brewing Sour Fruit Fest 2016

Sour Fest 2016

Beckie and I at Sour Fest 2016

Beckie and I checked out Cascade Brewing’s Sour Fruit Fest 2016.  Since I’m not drinking for Lent, (and I’m not a huge fan of sour beers) Beckie did all the drinking.  She was kind enough to share her thoughts on the beers she tried.

Melon Melange (2013) – Sour wheat ale with over 30 pounds of Tuscan, Casaba and Santa Claus melons.  Beckie said this was really sweet.

Pineapple Wheat (2014) – Wheat and blonde ale mix, aged in white wine barrels with pineapple.  Beckie said it didn’t not have a strong pineapple flavor (it was faint) but a good amount of sour.

Nectarine Dream – Live Barrel – sour blond and quad ales aged in oak wine barrels with fresh nectarines.  This was the first time Cascade has used nectarines in their beer.  Beckie said this beer was subtle, doesn’t hit your right off the bat as a sour beer.

Honeycot (2014) – Blond ales wine barrel aged with apricots and wildflower honey.  Beckie said this beer wasn’t sour at all, but still good.

Gin Gimlet (2014) – Blond ale wine barrel aged with lime peel and juniper berries.  No actual gin!  All Beckie said about this beer was it’s not as good as the Honeycot.  And then she pointed out after drinking all these beers, the Ginger Lime (which we didn’t have that day) was still her favorite.  It’s my favorite too at Cascade Brewing.

Ever been to Cascade Brewing?  What was your favorite beer?  Like sour beers?  What is your favorite sour beer?

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