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I’ve never been to Australia, but it is definitely on my bucket list.  Recently, another blogger, Nicole, reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in a guest blog post.  Of course I said yes.  So here is a little about Nicole and what she has to say about Sydney Travel and Beer.

When thinking about Australia, the first place which comes to your mind is probably Sydney, unique centrepiece of exotic coastal nooks, amazing cultural-historical heritage and greatest cosmopolitan pleasures that one city can offer. But, while you’re rushing to face with precious sites that make Harbour city special place on the planet, why wouldn’t you reveal its other side and visit some of the greatest “Amber fluid” hideouts. If this sounds tempting, stick to my travel & beer guide and make yourself unforgettable Sydney walkabout:

Darling Harbour

As one of the most vibrant touristic oasis in Sydney, Darling Harbour is regular stop station for visitors and Aussies, mostly due to its attractive beside the water position and entertaining scene. If you head for this lovely Sydney’s area (and I’m sure you will), spend relaxing moments in Chinese Garden of Friendship, serene space hosting lush willows and picturesque koi ponds or admire breathless sceneries of Australian underwater treasures at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.


This area’s beer kingdom is Pamphouse Bar whose greatest “specialty”, Thunderbolt Strong Ale, remain to delight beer lovers since 80’s. Here you can also enjoy in popular Aussies’ craft beers, such as Tooheys New and Hahn Premium Light and feel impressive local brewing art.

The Rocks

Sydney’s historical superstar, The Rocks offer comprehensive past-time story, what you’ll realize by visiting Rocks Discovery Museum and make a journey through historical evolvement of this firstly colonized part of Australian land.


Visit to this area is not a true experience without going to Lord Nelson brewery, the oldest Australian pub brewery, established in 1841. Its impressive beer list includes natural, award-winning ales, where I recommend trying citrusy Australian Pale Ale, Three sheets and reddish Old Admiral featuring powerful bitter taste. To expand your experience of The Rocks beer scene, go to Harts Pub and ask for original Rocks brewing legend, Boxer Red Ale.

Randwick City

Randwick City is area which definitely proves that opulent Victorian era greatly touched Sydney, and you’ll best feel that energy by experiencing authentic Victorian villa in Avonmore on the Park. This suburb also hides extraordinary beery spirit, so you can go to The Coast Restaurant at The Coast Golf Club and enjoy in terrific views and pretty affordable beers.


Another beer nook I found worth visiting in Randwick City is Bat Country Pub, excellent for trying Young Henry’s on tap and Boag’s Premium Lager and enjoying in 60s-70s music hits.

Sydney’s Beaches

As popular coastal paradise among Aussies, Manly beach is also real tourist marine Mecca, especially attractive for waves riding lovers.


Australian sun will make you thirsty, but don’t worry, just come by to 4 Pines Brewing Company and fuel your body with original Aussies’ Pale Ale, stout and other tasteful beery liquids.

4 pines

More serene, but nothing less enjoying is leisure Coogee beach, which I found great for casual-style swimming, snorkelling and, of course, beer drinking in its recognizable Beer Garden.

Surry Hills

Sydney’s bohemian vibe exudes from city’s true artistic kingdom, Surry Hills. Apart from dozens of authentic restaurants and boutiques situated in fabulous Crown Street, Surry Hills abounds with craft beer tasting spots, such as Royal Albert Hotel, unavoidable place for drinking Moo Brew stout and Black Dog Brewery old ale.

For full beer & snacks moments, I suggest going to Black Penny which serves craft beers from best local breweries. Vegetarians are encouraged to visit laid-back Yulli’s bar& restaurant, where along with yummy veggie meals you can try best local hand-crafted beers, preferably strong Mad Abbot Tripel and exotic Viking IPA (Indian Pale Ale).

The magic of merging your touristy Sydney journey with discovering its best beer spots can be best explained with K. Friedman’s sentence: “The beauty is in the eye of beer holder”.

Nicole is a travel addict and a passionate writer. She always seeks new adventures and she loves to share her experiences. She’s an architecture and interior design enthusiast. In her spare time, she loves to design furniture, clothes and jewellery. Also, she loves preparing and eating delicious food with her friends.

Have you ever been to Australia?  What beers would you recommend?

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