Vancouver, WA – Summer Brewfest 2013

Last weekend, I had the honor of playing beer and coffee tour guide to a group of friends from all over the country.  Stephanie, from Seattle by way of Praha, Czech Republic.  Ben, from Indiana/Raleigh, back from Praha and on his way to Beijing.  And Dave, from Chicago/LA, on his way to Macedonia.  Needless to say it was an epic weekend of drinks, travel stories and multiple languages.

Being the only local of the group, we spent a lot of time at some of my favorite water holes. ¬†Including Hopworks, Gigantic, Burnside¬†and Bridgeport. ¬†But we also made is across the river to Vancouver, Washington for the Summer Brewfest. ¬†I’ll admit, this was my first time ever going to downtown Vancouver. ¬†It was a pretty fun afternoon of beers and sunshine.

That being said, my only “peeve” of the day was the $25 entrance fee. ¬†This seems a little steep for a new beer festival and goes again common (er, Oregon) beer festival practices. ¬†In which case, there is free entrance to the festival and you have to pay to drink. ¬†This includes the price of a cheap plastic mug (usually $5) and drink tickets ($1/taster).

One of the biggest take aways from this event was there were a lot of common beers (and breweries) present. ¬†However, I did find some new breweries to check out. ¬†Like Heathen Brewing,¬†Loowit Brewing Company,¬†Mt. Tabor Brewing¬†and¬†West Highland Brewing¬†all out of Vancouver, WA. ¬†And¬†Pale Horse Brewing Company¬†and¬†Phat Matt’s Brewing Co.¬†out of Salem and Bend, Oregon, respectively.

Here is what we tried:

What is your favorite summer brew?

[In the spirit of full transparency, my entrance to the Vancouver Summer Brewfest was provided by Zzoom Media.]

Fruit Beer Festival 2013

fruit-beerLast weekend was my favorite beer festival. ¬†The Portland Fruit Beer Festival! ¬†I’ve been going since it started three years ago. ¬†(You can read about the First Fruit Beer Festival.) ¬†This year, bestie Beckie, former-roommate Jeffrey and I along with an assortment of friends spent the sunny Saturday trying a vast assortment of fruit beers. ¬†Just in case you were wondering, a fruit (or vegetable) beer is a beer brewed with a fruit (or vegetable) addition or flavoring component. ¬†And they are hands down my favorite type of beer!

Here is what we tried:

 What fruit beers do you like?