PDX Beer Braul 2013

beer-braulA few weeks back, roommate Jeffrey and I entered the PDX BEER BRAUL.  This was a project put on by Hawthorne Hophouse and Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse with locally-owned The Zythos Project (creator and manufacturer of the stainless steel growler Brauler – I definitely need to get one of those!)

The point of the game was to show off your beer knowledge in a blind tasting competition features beers from Portland breweries:

Participants got two flights of six beers, unmarked.  First flight was paler beers and the second flight was darker beers.  You then had to match each of the beers with a corresponding list.

The top 24 contestants would then be invited back later to complete to be the Grand Prize Winner.  Not only does the Grand Prize Winner receive bragging rights, but they also get a Hophouse Lifetime Mug Club Membership, Hophouse hood, and a “2013 Beer Braul Champion” engraved Brauler.

So, Jeffrey and I decide to enter.  We agreed on almost every beer except for one set.  And when the top 24 contestants email went out guess who was on the list?  ME!

First of all, mad props to the four people who achieved a perfect score.  The odds of doing that by chance are 1 in 518,400!  I was in the second group of 20 people who only mix up one pair of beers.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the finals do to a previous commitment (World Domination Summit) but I was thrilled to participate and get minor bragging rights with a few friends.

Have you ever entered a beer competition before?  How did it go?

Hopworks Urban Brewery – Portland, OR

Enjoying a Raddler at Hopworks

I heard about Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) when they opened three years ago.  A friend mentioned an eco-brewpub opening up in Southeast PDX, which immediately spiked my interest.  Katie (my world-traveling and beer buddy) and I check HUB out and I immediately fell in love.

What’s an eco-brewpub?  It’s handcrafted organic beers, using fresh, local ingredients, served in a sustainably built and operated location.

Jenna’s Tips:

– When at the bar, there is a great bartender named “Miami” but he has a thick South Boston accent.

– In the summer order their famous Raddler, half Organic Lager and half lemonade – AMAZING!

– If you’re a girl, be sure to check out the woman’s restroom.  You’ll get a wonderful surprise.  And it’s true!

You are beautiful

You are beautiful

Been to HUB?  What did you think?  How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your brewing process?