Fruit Beer Festival 2013

fruit-beerLast weekend was my favorite beer festival. ¬†The Portland Fruit Beer Festival! ¬†I’ve been going since it started three years ago. ¬†(You can read about the First Fruit Beer Festival.) ¬†This year, bestie Beckie, former-roommate Jeffrey and I along with an assortment of friends spent the sunny Saturday trying a vast assortment of fruit beers. ¬†Just in case you were wondering, a fruit (or vegetable) beer is a beer brewed with a fruit (or vegetable) addition or flavoring component. ¬†And they are hands down my favorite type of beer!

Here is what we tried:

 What fruit beers do you like?

Rye Beer Fest – 2013

rye-beerAfter the Bruins won the Eastern Conference last Friday, best friend Beckie, fellow beer buddy Adam and I headed over to EastBurn to check out the Rye Beer Festival. ¬†This was put on by Taplister, which helps craft beer fans discover craft beer through their website, mobile, and iPhone app. (I’ve done freelance writing for them before, you can see it here: Oregon Beer Country Launches.)

For those of you who don’t know, rye beer refers to any beer in which rye is substituted for some portion of the barley malt. ¬†It’s a big thing amongst homebrewers and microbreweries. ¬†The most common example is a play off India Pale Ales (IPAs) called Rye-P-As. ¬†Another example is the “roggenbier” which is produced with up to 60% rye malt. ¬†This style originated in Bavaria and is brewed with the same type of yeast as a German “hefeweizen” with a similar light, dry, spicy taste.

Here is what we tried:

 What rye beers do you like?