Hopworks Urban Brewery – Portland, OR

Enjoying a Raddler at Hopworks

I heard about Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) when they opened three years ago.  A friend mentioned an eco-brewpub opening up in Southeast PDX, which immediately spiked my interest.  Katie (my world-traveling and beer buddy) and I check HUB out and I immediately fell in love.

What’s an eco-brewpub?  It’s handcrafted organic beers, using fresh, local ingredients, served in a sustainably built and operated location.

Jenna’s Tips:

– When at the bar, there is a great bartender named “Miami” but he has a thick South Boston accent.

– In the summer order their famous Raddler, half Organic Lager and half lemonade – AMAZING!

– If you’re a girl, be sure to check out the woman’s restroom.  You’ll get a wonderful surprise.  And it’s true!

You are beautiful

You are beautiful

Been to HUB?  What did you think?  How do you incorporate sustainable practices into your brewing process?