Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany.








When she doesn’t have a beer in her hand, she definitely has a cup of coffee.  (It’s Portland – that is acceptable).

She’s also my roommate.










One of my best friends and one super talented, creative chick.

(Seriously, she is amazing!  Her only flaw is that she is from Chicago, so we have some beef in sports.  But we all know that Boston is superior, so I don’t hold it against her…)

She and I will be at the Oregon Garden’s Brewers Festival this weekend and we’d love to meet you!

Our schedule is:

Thursday (2/24): Brewer’s Dinner – SOLD OUT (don’t worry – there will be a blog post).

Friday (2/25):   Brewer’s Brunch – GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

Friday (2/25): Oregon Garden’s Brewers Festival – GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

Come say hi.  Tweet at us, @tritzbits and @bite4size.

beer fest









Will you be there?  Let us know!



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Hi! I’m Jenna, but I got the nickname BiteSize in high school. I love homebrewing beer, thus BiteSize Brews. A blog focused on homebrewing, local brewery reviews and recipes. I’m lucky enough to live in the microbrewery capital of the world. I’m also a big fan of social media (chances are I’ll sprinkle a bit of it into this blog).


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