Broken Horn Brewing Company – McCall, Idaho (Part Three)

Last stop in the McCall Beer Tour (after Salmon River Brewery and McCall Brewing Company) was Broken Horn Brewing Company, which we learned about from Joe’s friend, Gustav.

 Broken Horn, the newest brewery to the McCall scene was founded by a father/daughter team. How cool is that?

Broken Horn got it’s name from a family of hunters, who took a friend hunting for the first time and as luck would have it, this first time hunter managed to down a bull elk. Their luck ran out there, when the down bull elk fell down a hill and ultimately broke his horn. For those of you who don’t know much about hunting the horns are basically the trophy aspect of hunting. Breaking them isn’t a good thing.

Broken Horn beers and taps.

Broken Horn beers and taps.

The venue is awesome. They have a whole back room in the brewery with a projection screen for watching sports and movies. The bar is custom made with cement and recycled beer bottle glass mixed in with BROKEN HORN in metal in the middle. Seriously, I want one in my future place. Only saying BITESIZE instead 🙂

Over conversations of hunting, we made more friends and enjoyed the following beers:

  • Maple Brown – Definitely on the sweeter side of a brown, but still delicious.
  • Hells Canyon Jalapeno IPA – This was my favorite beer at Broken Horn. It reminded me a lot of Burnside Brewing’s Sweet Heat.
  • Sasquatch Stout – Classic stout. Definitely a classic.
  • Sturgeon Tale Ale – Love the name and the beer. Plus, my dad loves sturgeon fishing. So it was cool to see this reptilian fish get some attention.
  • Initial Attack IPA – Okay, coming from Portland, I feel like I can say this. McCall beers need to add more hops to their IPAs.
  • Pin-Up Porter – Classic porter, yummy.
  • Green Apple Cinnamon – These seems to be a trend these days. Apple flavored beers, that aren’t ciders. It was odd, but good. Definitely tastes like its name.
Broken Horn beers and boards.

Broken Horn beers and board.

Have you ever been to McCall, Idaho? Or Broken Horn Brewing Company? What did you think? What is your favorite beer?

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